Bringing innovation and imagination to life through MIKROS

Tatum Games LLC offers as a service proprietary technology that allows app developers and publishers to truly own their users by leveraging Mobile-To-Mobile (M2M) technology.  M2M technology is new technology that allows multiple mobile apps to be linked to each other, even if created by different developers.  This allows developers to share resources, event and data across their apps and user profiles, as well as micro level analytic tracking.


Connecting developers and gamers for a more intuitive experience

Broaden your reach by developing mobile games for feature phones. MIKROS for feature phones combines social and bank functionality to deliver an exciting player experience. Allow players to chat with each other across mobile games, bringing a new interaction of game play. Allow people to invite their friends to join them in the new and exciting mobile game they have found. Marketing, Analytics and many more features are all available for tracking and use of all your mobile games within a single dashboard view. Join us now and enjoy the mobile game play and experience you have been longing for users to have.