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The MIKROS ecosystem is built for everybody by everybody for the purpose of making gaming everywhere better for everyone.


Company Overview

Bringing innovation and imagination to life

Tatum Games was established by Founder, Leonard Tatum, and Co-Founders, Jordan Lindsey and Kevin Lim. The organization pioneer solutions for many of the pain points in mobile analytics and advertising. Specially, they address issues with targeted user acquisition for developers on smartphones.

The approach this organization has adopted for developing game technologies and services is to collaborate with their customers and the gaming community. An important attribute of their Core Values is “Understanding”, meaning that they listen closely to their customers to ensure they understand their needs. They achieve this by keeping open a direct line of communication with the public and making sure that at the end of the day their services are the most pivotal part of your game development process.

The message they would love the world to receive is that everyone who works at this company love games! Developing gaming services to help the development community create higher quality games at a cheaper price is their greatest passion. As much as they trust you with encouraging ideas and expressing your views concerning their products, they want you to trust that they are solely present to provide the best gaming experiences possible. Help Tatum Games bring your innovation and imagination to life!

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Transparency and Honesty

We believe that real service derives from integrity and honesty.


We utilize the most agile and modern technologies to ensure high quality products.


We always act with a sense of accountability as we each are responsible for the company’s success.


We listen closely to our clientele to ensure we understand their needs.


We have the determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of our goals.

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