Experience building a product through measurement and not intuition. Gain full insight to what users are doing in your app, and other apps too!
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Mobile-To-Mobile (M2M) is the only technology in the world that connects your application tb every application in our Ecosystem.
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Unparalleled Analytics

MIKROS is the only analytic tool that gives you detailed, user specific analytics not only for your product but for all products in our Ecosystem.
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Marketing, Advertising & Targeting

MIKROS lets you target your users based on user spend levels, user activity level, demographic information, custom events, gender, regions and more!
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Mobile-To-Mobile (M2M)

MIKROS is the only technology that allows you to connect your game to multiple other games to create an experience users have never witnessed before!

Easy Peasy!

MIKROS is easy to implement and is designed to work with all major programming engines, including Unity and Unreal.

Why MIKROS Is The Best

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Let MIKROS find out where to focus your resources when building your product. MIKROS will dig into complex questions and provide you the answers you need about your users! See How

Get Noticed

MIKROS is a service dedicated to bringing exposure to your products through our web and mobile Ecosystem. See How

Get Noticed!

If you’re a software or game developer, it can be a challenge to get your applications in front of people, both customers and reviewers. Tatum Games recognizes this and has created MIKROS Services, a service dedicated to bringing exposure to your products through our web and mobile Ecosystem. Each application using MIKROS Services will have a product detail page and can be found by customers in search results, search refinements, recommendation widgets, and best product lists across Tatum Games!

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