Frequently Asked Question

Click this link to
join the beta testing program.

Join the testing Program
Once you are a tester, it can take up to an hour to reflect in your play store app

Go to the following link on your phone or computer to install the game
Install Heroes vs Villains: Rise of Nervo (HV)

Heroes vs Villains has you create a login that you use in Heroes vs Villains and all other integrated games with the Tatum Games, SDK.  This allows for one account for all games, collaboration of global users and quick switching from one game to another. n to change this text.
If there are players that need to be investigated in there conduct or game play, please go to the contact us page and select “report a player” under Inquiry Type and provide the username and inappropriate behavior of the player.
Once you have launched Heroes vs Villains, you will want to go to the store where you can purchase in game coins with real money. These coins can be used across all Tatum Games SDK games.
Once you have leveled your hero to level 5, you can create or join a guild from the home screen.

Heroes VS Villains will be available on iOS in 2018.