Why MIKROS Is The Best

Get Noticed

If you’re a software or game developer, it can be a challenge to get your applications in front of people, both customers and reviewers. Tatum Games recognizes this and has created MIKROS Services, a service dedicated to bringing exposure to your products through our web and mobile Ecosystem. Each application using MIKROS Services will have a product detail page and can be found by customers in search results, search refinements, recommendation widgets, and best product lists across Tatum Games!

Analytics Galore!

MIKROS Services is the only analytic tool that helps you understand every user’s journey not only in your product, but all products in our Ecosystem. Analyze each interaction across the full customer journey using internal and external data to truly understand what your users like and why they make choices and purchases. Improve engagement and lifetime value by nudging users based on actions they’ve taken in all apps.

Foundation Built for Scale & Foresight

Perform complex behavioral analysis and get answers in seconds with machine learning and enterprise security. Enable your whole team to impact KPIs and measure them in real time. Now everyone can use data to be more strategic.

Mobile-To-Mobile (M2M)

Our technology is the only technology in the world that connects your application to every application in our Ecosystem. Here’s what that means for you.

  1. Universal Currency: Users can now enter your application with money ready to spend! MIKROS Services SDK allows carry over of in-app-purchases (IAP) for easy and fast spending. Whatever is spent in your game is brokered and managed by our secured financial system.
  2. Cross Game Events: Trigger special events in another game, including games that are not developed or published by you! Collaboration is as easy as exchanging a secured token. This allows an unique gaming experience that your users have never seen before. And also brings your products front and center in other applications and across our Ecosystem.
  3. Analytics: By examining user behaviors from across all applications in our Ecosystem, you will be able to better learn which features increase conversation, engagement and retention. No need to test ways to improve and adapt based on what worked and didn’t, everything is spelled out with our simple to read analytics.
  4. Marketing: All applications in our Ecosystem are marketed across both web and mobile. As an Ecosystem, all applications are treated as though they are our own! We truly want all developers and publishers to thrive! Enjoy the perks of being able to market across our Ecosystem in a way that can only be done with our new and patented Mobile-To-Mobile (M2M) technology.

How to Join

The MIKROS Services Beta Program is open to all MIKROS developers and publishes. You can Sign Up Here today!